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{August 16, 2017}   Ground Control…a new vegan place!

Tonight was date night!

WIS found, as she always does, a new vegan restaurant for us to try! Wahoo! I am a very lucky person to have people who want to share veggie/ vegan with me!

Tonight we went to Ground Control in Chicago. No, I didn’t see Major Tom!

This is a cool, eclectic place. Pinball machines, backgammon and checkers boards in the tables, interesting artwork, nothing really flowed, but it worked. You walk in, take a moment and you’re hooked, good vibe, atmosphere and you feel like, yeah, I can hang here.

I got there first, which doesn’t happen very often these days! So I settled it, anywhere…I was the only one there at 530pm, by the time we left, it was a full house.

I ordered a cup of tea, it was a little chilly and rainy, comfort, ah… and I was a ‘Starvin Marvin’, so I thought a pre- dinner snack… garlic smashed potatoes with gravy…vegan!! I don’t usually get to order smashed potatoes because, for those creamy, dreamy smashed potatoes, butter and/ or heavy cream, as it should be! Oh my, but these were wonderful!

When WIS arrived, we settled in and ordered…

Fried green tomatoes with a tangy remoulade and hummus with olives and veggies, quite the kick! And tasty!

Then, main courses. I had the Southern Fried Tofu with more smashed potatoes, beer braised greens and corn and peppee relish. WIS had the Kimchee Grilled Cheese with caramelized onions, avocado and smoked gouda. Wow, just wow!

Then…must have dessert! I don’t eat dessert very often, but when it’s vegan… raspberry and lemon cake, again, vegan and again, Y U M!

So many fabulous vegan restaurants in Chicago, every one “how can this be topped?!”


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