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{July 30, 2017}   A new vegan restaurant!

I love trying new places, especially when someone else is excited to share it with me!

This weekend I’m staying in Chicago with DLP, no definite plans yet but one, dinner at a new vegan restaurant in her neighborhood, Majani!

It was inviting when you walk in, small, but cozy. The restaurant is open, including into the kitchen, only separated by a counter. Wooden tables, some that are family style, just sit where there is an open seat.

The menu was simple, on a chalk board on the wall. They had a dinner special, tonight it was glazed carrots, lentil sausage croquet, spinach rice and salad. We also ordered a crab cake. For dessert we got a vanilla cupcake and two slices of carrot cake, to be eaten at some point, we were completely stuffed by the end of dinner!

The presentation was lovely, very vibrant colors and tasty too! Always a good thing! DLP was teasing me because everything that came out to other tables I looked at and wanted to order and as she said, “you can’t eat everything! And we can come back!!” Ok, fine… she’s right, of course, but it all looked so good!

When we got there, there was a family of four sitting at the table next to us, who were enjoying their meal very much, especially the baby who eventually had icing all over himself!

The next people who sat at that table were nice couple who we started chatting vegan with and let me tell you…I found a kindred spirit! Our reactions to some of the same items at different places, the milkshakes at Chicago Diner! Kitchen 17! Oh, we were trading and oohing and aahing! DLP was just laughing, but she could talk to some of those places, she’s been wonderful to go with me!

This is really inspiring me to launch my new blog, don’t worry, this one isn’t going anywhere, I love sharing my life with you, but I love telling you about the fabulous vegan I encounter, so my new blog will only be about being vegan on the road. Keep an eye out for it ‘A short, round vegan on the road’!

Bottom line, I really enjoyed this new find andI would love to share it with everyone, thank you DLP for introducing it to me!


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