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{July 19, 2017}   Mexico Day 4

Today we ventured out!

Sunday travel, Monday pool and beach, Tuesday, more pool, and food, of course, so much fun, so today… let’s venture out!

CKM and I went down to the beach to see the new day and soak in the feeling, sounds,  sights, smells. 

Next breakfast, then straight out into town, Playa del Carmen, more specifically, head to 5ta Avenida, 5th Avenue, to be exact. On the way, first stop…Starbucks, then stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe Golf Club, which was a good thing, because it started to sprinkle, then the sky opened, it was a great place to hide from the deluge!

When it finally cleared up, we were off! Eventually, we got to Playa del Carmen and the shopping district. Don’t you love the playfulness of the skeletons? This was the beginning…

Before shopping, there was lunch, we needed to build our strength for the afternoon to come! We ate at a place that specialized in brick oven pizza, yum! I even got a Sidral, which is a Mexican apple soda, a favorite from childhood. I figured if I was going to do this, in for a penny…

We had some friends visit outside, lagartija [lizard], wild boars and the sereque, the cute rodent that we have at the resort, really cute!

Now… time to explore and shop! We saw Parque los Fundadores, the Founders Park with the beautiful arch leading to the ocean, the Danza de los Voladores, Dance of the Flyers, wow! They climb up the pole, wrap the rope around the pole and their legs and swing down…um.. wow!

As we walked, we found shops, of course, sights, sounds, smells. We did a little retail therapy, gotta shower those we love with gifts! Wow, I realized this was only the second time I’ve been on a trip and not looked for something for MissA! The last time was five years ago on our trip to the Dominican Republic!

We had a full day of excitement, fun and excursion, back to the hotel for dinner and a walk to the beach, showers and bed! 

Tomorrow is another exciting adventure! Tell you then! 

Buena noches!


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