Peaches Prattlings

{July 17, 2017}   Mexico Day 1

Surprise! We’re in Mexico! Playa del Carmen to be exact! Ahhh…

Yes, it’s as beautiful as you’ve heard! This is a special girls trip. Five years ago, when SDL turned 40, she, her sister DJL, Miss A and I went to three Dominican Republic for a week. Well, I believe I told you, a few months ago she graduated with her EMBA and wanted to celebrate, let’s go on another trip! Even better… big milestones to celebrate as well, DLP and CKM both turning 40 this year, let’s do it!

We decided on a place…Playa del Carmen, great! Now, a date… not as easy. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to get three busy adults to coordinate for a week away, as you can imagine! Then, if you recall, my family was trying to coordinate a trip to Amsterdam, imagine having to be in the middle of that! Well, we all did it and here we are! And I’m going to get a second stamp in my new [replacement] passport! 

I spent the night with SDL and MissA, we packed, went to dinner… Mexican, go figure! We’re in vacation mode!

Up way too early…430am to be exact… out the door by 502am, not too shabby! It helped that we loaded the car last night… off to pick up DLP, then off to the airport. Drop everyone off, check our bags at curbside check-in, then drop off the car. 

I love looking at the artwork at the airport, always so impressed, especially when by it’s students.

Then it was time to board and start our vacation!!

About two hours later, we’re in Mexico! Customs, stamps, luggage and a little over 1.15 hours later, we arrive at our resort, Ibostar Tucan. Registration and a fruity drink later we are set!

The rooms aren’t ready, so lunch it is. We head towards the pool, look at all the fabulous touches, from the statuary to the animal sanctuaries. Actually, the animals are great, they are free to walk amd fly wherever they want. We had a nice lunch and by then it was time to go to our rooms. 

The buildings were great and colorful and our rooms are tropical, with towel animal creations. Nothing like the real animals, the peacocks, flamingos, howler monkeys, just to name a few. 

By now, we have showered, rested and are ready to have dinner! Off in search of food we go. 

We decided on one of the two buffets available and what a feast it was! The displays were beautiful. Is it making you hungry?

So… this is MissA’s floatie that kept staring at me from the overhead compartment. Hmm

What great adventure does tomorrow hold? I’ll let you know!


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