Peaches Prattlings

{July 15, 2017}   Plans change… you just roll with it. 

Things happen, plans change, you roll with it and make the best of it!

I know, sometimes that seems impossible, but sometimes, it works out, maybe not in the way you think. 

I’m in Atlanta this weekend because I’m about to go on a girls trip with some of my favorite people and while I’m in town, very briefly, I tried to see a friend, I didn’t much time between getting in late last night and an early Sunday morning flight. 

Unfortunately, my friend fell under the weather, so our plans fell through. I hope you feel better! 

That didn’t stop me, it gave me a little more time where I was to help pack, pamper and play. Not the original plans, but it worked out. 

So, now, the laundry is done, bags are packed, car is loaded, now all that’s left is sleep, it’s late and that alarm is coming very early! Nope, not telling you where we’re going until tomorrow!


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