Peaches Prattlings

{July 9, 2017}   A good visit… time to say see ya…

What a week! A whirlwind of sorts!

Get in late last Friday night, party for PSM on Saturday, family, friends, fireworks, back to Chicago for three days. 

Get in late Friday night, drive two plus hours to see PSM, time with family, drive back to Boston, very early flight for someone yesterday, back to GES’ house, hang out, get stuff done, family comes home from camping, hang out a bit, say goodnight and think about sleep, 5am alarm to go back to Chicago. 

For PSM… hit the ground running, literally! Land, party, motorcycle trip, cookout, work, golf, mountains, hiking, mini – golf, home. You tired yet? 

I got to be in the same time zone and even see my honey for more than two days! Hold yourselves back people!

It was a great, albeit, short visit. A busy month for us, then I get to go home next month! Can’t wait! 


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