Peaches Prattlings

{July 8, 2017}   A fun day

I got to sleep in today!

Well, I got to sleep past 7am anyway! It was 1027am! Sorry about not writing last night, I didn’t get to my destination until almost 3am, I was beat!

I left Chicago for my flight to Boston, first upgrade to first class on United, very nice indeed, hope it happens again, maybe even on my next flight to Hawaii…fingers crossed!

I sat next to a nice guy, who works for a keg company and on his way to a wedding in the Berkshires, near where the girls go to summer camp. Two hour drive, at that hour, ugh!

Look who’s talking…I got my rental car about 1145pm, waited on the very long line to get out of the rental car garage because of one person working. Then I got on the road… up to New Hampshire, two hours and fifteen minutes, weehoo…

I stopped about three quarters of the way for a bio break and a cup of hot tea. I finally got to PSM’s condo about 230am, settled in about three am and finally feel asleep and then slept until about 1030, fabulous!

Got up, had breakfast with PSM, his brother and sister-in-law. Then we made a plan to go and play miniature golf, it was a lot of fun! We all got at least one hole-in-one! SM and I both got two! I still came in last, tied with my honey! It was a lot of fun! Oh, I said that, but it was!

After, PSM and I went out for a snack at a Mexican restaurant, eventually back to the house, chilled out, watched a movie while SM cooked dinner, very tasty! Chicken parm for everyone except me, I got eggplant,  yum! 

After dinner, clean up and head out, back towards Boston since someone, not me, has a very early flight in the morning. 

A nice day…I got to spend it with my honey! More of that please!


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