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{July 6, 2017}   Happy birthday PSM!

July 5th is a very special day! The day my honey, PSM, was born, I’d say that’s pretty special.

I told you about his party on Saturday, now, let me tell you about the man himself. 

He’s kind; to his friends, family, animals, especially puppies, oh, you should have seen him when we were on our first big trip, we had been away for almost three weeks and away from Mollie, he got so tickled by this dog in the restaurant we were in,  he had to stop and play.

He is a brilliant man, he is a bio-chemist by trade, I looked at his dissertation, its a giant book, even has pictures! Well, they’re images of genes, molecules and genomes, smart people stuff like that. Remember I said I looked at it, I understood the dedication to his mom and the end! It does look very impressive on the book shelf! I do love that brain of his!

And not just his brain, he’s funny, he makes me laugh, sometimes intentionally and sometimes…it just happens. That might be one of our favorite things to do together, laugh. 

I don’t know if you’ve realized how well we travel together, score! Let’s just say I not only love this guy, I really like him, and that is saying something!

His interests are so varied, I’m not going to tell you everything, that would be giving it away! You just have to get to know him yourself!
Today is his birthday, a very special day in my opinion…we’ve traveled for two birthdays, big throwdown this year, what’s next?

I hope you recognize the portrait! I commissioned AS, ACS & GES’ sister-in-law, a fabulous artist, to paint a portrait of Mollie, she picked the photo from Facebook and went with it. How fabulous is it!! Lets just say… when I gave it to him, desired effect! Not sure who was more excited or effected at that moment! Me, I couldn’t sit still waiting to give it to him and see the look on his face or him, the look on his face! Thank you AS!

Happy birthday PSM, I hope it was all you hoped for this year. I’m looking forward to spending the next and the next and the next and…


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