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{July 4, 2017}   Happy birthday USA! How do you celebrate?

Just to be clear, USA stands for just what you were thinking, United States of America. 

It’s July 4th! A great day in our country’s history. Indepence and freedom, that screams volumes! It’s a celebration and a day to celebrate! 

Last night we had fireworks, today was a parade and a cookout and for some, more fireworks. How did you celebrate?

We started with a 5k,EJS and ACS ran it, along with LR and a whole bunch of other people. It was a good way to start the day. I did it last year, maybe I’ll do it next year. 

We cheered for everyone, I know how much I enjoy hearing the cheering and encouragement, so i was in full form. “You got this!” “Girl power!” “Tutu power!” You name it, we were shouting it!

Then… the parade! It’s quite the show! The race is the same as the parade route, so there is a pretty good crowd for the race,  it just grows for the parade. 

There was the fire brigade, sirens blaring. Hit or miss on the noise with the kids! But they definitely love the trucks! 

During the parade there were different military and service people participating, the last military group… the red coats! The muskets were cool, and loud!

Old cars, roadsters, muscle cars, jeeps, Model Ts, fabulous!

Decorated floats, construction equipment, dance troupes.

You can’t have a parade without live music!

Love the live music!

This video doesn’t exist

Brass band!

Who doesn’t love a steel drum band?

This video doesn’t exist

What a great parade!


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