Peaches Prattlings

{June 13, 2017}   A vegan at a BBQ joint!

A new restaurant with DLP, Southern Cut Barbecue.

It just so happens the restaurant is in the hotel I’m staying in this week. We met after I went to the gym at our new favorite nail salon. Claws and paws done, time for food. 

We headed to my hotel to drop my bag and decided to eat there. There wasn’t much for me, but I found a very yummy salad, kale and  brussel sprouts with cranberries and sliced almonds.  For the meat eaters, it did come with bacon. 

We started with fabulous deviled eggs with asparagus and truffles, very tasty. DLP had brisket, said it was quite tasty. Round it out with a baked potato and sweet potato with candied walnuts.  

A very nice meal at a nice place and the vegan was happy. Go figure…a happy vegan at a BBQ joint!


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