Peaches Prattlings

{June 4, 2017}   A great weekend

Laid back, but full. 

I got to dad’s Friday night, Saturday I got up and headed to Queens to see one of my oldest friends and her family. 

Ok this term has come up a lot lately and what I find is, as we get older, saying “one of my oldest friends” starts to sound like my friends and I are old! Not so. These are friends we’ve known the longest! But that takes longer to say!

So, back to Saturday. I drove out to Queens to see CGS, we met at a local diner near her house. She was with her youngest, after we got a table, her husband Joined us, then two more kids, her oldest was still sleeping, as a teenager should be doing!

We realized we have known each other 32 years!!! What? We were just in high school, not possible! She was actually pregnant with her first at my wedding! He kept making his presence known! And the dress she wore… it’s how she told me a few years later she was pregnant again!

We had breakfast, talked for a while, then went back to their house, it’s a new place since I was last at their place. A great space, much better suited for them. We talked and laughed, eventually everyone but the youngest, CGS and I went to a baseball game. That left us to talk more, laugh more, go down memory lane a little.

Then the three of us went to the park, got some dinner, back to the park, back to the house and then we realized it was almost 10pm, time to go! Hugs, kisses, promises of visits and maybe a girls weekend…

What a fabulous time! Had it been a year since we’d seen each other? Didn’t feel like it!

Today, breakfast with dad ahe LaLa, they headed out to their fun afternoon and I went to a very good Sri Lankan restaurant to meet another “old friend”, WM, he even remembered exactly when we met! February 24, 1990, what a memory! 

We have been friends who have been in and out of each other’s lives here and there but when we talk, no time had passed. I regret that I wasn’t able to get to his wedding. I promised to be at the renewal!

His wife, NSM, is smart, funny, attractive, caring, understanding and she loves nt friend, what more could I ask for? Their girls, H2, twins and eleven years old,  what a pair! Outgoing, gregarious, smart, funny, clever, enthusiastic, loving life, wow!

When I met them for the first time, they both hugged me, I wasn’t expecting that, but welcomed it fully. They talked to me, told me jokes, about school, boys, they’re dumb, by the way…love it! 

We talked, caught up, got to know each other, laughed, talked about the future, travel, I’m not sure we missed anything!

We talked about our families, his mom, who I loved. I used to call and visit her even when he wasn’t around, she was a very special person. The girls were one when she passed, but they love looking at her pictures and talking about her, they said she was sunshine and light. They told me a while later I was sunshine and light, I’m in good company. 

I hated for our time to come to an end, but it did. Hugs, kisses and promises to keep in touch more and don’t let another 10 treats go by between visits. I for one would like to keep that promise!

Back home, dad and LaLa were hanging out, we had some dinner, yes, I was hungry again, we had eaten three hours earlier!

Then friends, H&L T, came over for a visit, so great to see them. My dad and HT taught together so many moons ago. Catch up on family, grandkids, travel, life. 

Then it was time to put on jammies, pack, relax and get ready for tomorrow. Stuff to do and travel!


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