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{June 1, 2017}   A new vegan place, yum!

Tonight I had a date with WIS, at a new vegan restaurant, Alice & Friends.

Yes, I said date. And yes, PSM knows. Ha ha.  I have two very wonderful girlfriends in Chicago, like my wonderful girlfriends in Atlanta and I think I told you, if we all batted for the other team, we’d be dating! Now, back to dinner!

Alice & Friends is another vegan restaurant that I got to try last night. One of the things I noticed as we were sitting there, is that it reminded me of the Luving Hut in Atlanta, which I used to go with TS, and I love it! I don’t remember if you remember telling you that I found a Luving Hut in Hawaii which was awesome.

We’ve been wanting to go to this place for a while, but it was closed and tonight we got to go. It’s very cute, the menus look like playing cards and as you can see the logo is the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. 

We had ginger and cinnamon tea, I had mine hot, WIS had hers cold and we started with appetizers of agedashi tofu, which usually in a “normal” Japanese restaurant has fish sauce and this was a vegan fish sauce how awesome is that! Our other appetizer was fried shrimp, now remember this is vegan, and they were absolutely fabulous. You had the texture, the color, not completely the taste, but you also had the firmness of shrimp, great feeling! I can eat one of the foods that I truly miss without getting wigged out!

Main dish WIS was Bim Bom Bop which books fabulous but had a very spicy sauce and she knew I wouldn’t like it! To see her eat and enjoy this and the spice level it was like being with JCT, I miss you.

For me it was Korean barbecue with rice and veggies, the meat was TVP and the sauce was on the sweeter side and let me just say yum! I have never had Korean BBQ, so since this is my only experience I am a fan!

For dessert it was mixed berry cheesecake, very interesting, the crust was made up of crushed dates and the cheese was cashew. Our server did warn us that it was a little bit grittier because it was cashew cheese, and I’m grateful that she told us because it was. It was quite tasty, it was more of a texture thing.

Overall quite enjoyable, the food, the company, the atmosphere. I can’t wait to see where we go next!


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