Peaches Prattlings

{May 29, 2017}   Sunday… what to do?

The sun comes up too early in Hawaii! And it screams at you to get up! Could be why the day seems to last so long. And I’m not complaining by any means!

We got up, breakfast, relaxed, played with Mollie, finished laundry, watched Bad Moms, got PSM to the airport for his trip to Guam. Miss him already. 

Off too met a realtor to look at some houses, nothing to report yet, just looking. Saw some great options, look at that view!

Then some domestic stuff at Wal-Mart, I know, you’re jealous,  ha ha. Chill out at home with some chips and salsa and relax for the evening.

Tomorrow is laundry, packing, I have to think about clothes for two months and two international trips in between! Maybe throw in a little beach time! 

Life is rough!


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