Peaches Prattlings

{May 28, 2017}   What to do in paradise on a Saturday…

Why, beach, brunch, beach, game night, of course. 

Up early, go to the beach to see the high surf and surfers, beautiful morning. Then breakfast at a new place we’ve been wanting to try. 

Grocery store for supplies, home,  pack the car, remember the dog, go to the beach. Enjoy beach. ahhh…

Home, shower, change, head to E&D D’s house, MRB and two of his daughters were there when we arrived. We hung out, ate some food, watched MRB’s oldest daughter in a dance competition that was being live streamed, then got down to business. 

Game night. We played a game that pitted weird wizards against each other. There were cards, points, dice, strategy, dead wizard cards, treasure cards, confusion and fun. Looking forward to the next time!

Home, chill, sleep. 

Tomorrow’s a new day inn paradise.


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