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{May 20, 2017}   Soccer, cleaning, lacrosse, soccer, haircut, birthday party,  birthday party, sleepover

Is that enough for one day?

Straighten the house for the party, wash the pollen off the porch, it is spring after all, everyone was in on the act. The bouncy house arrived and the girls, GES and I had a little fun. 

Then it was soccer practice for EJS, MGS off to lacrosse practice, finish setting up. EJS and ACS back for lunch, EJS has a mini play date,  MGS back, I headed out to get a haircut, EJS and ACS off to travel team try-outs, people arrive for MGS’ birthday party. I jump right in to the fray, love seeing friends and all my little loves. 

Some one-on-one time here and there, catching up, playing with the kids, activities, crafting, pizza, pinata, cake, buh-bye! 3-5pm 530pm and they were all gone!

Then the cousins, S&S S and E&S R stayed for a sleepover. EJS went to a birthday party sleep-under, that’s where they stay until bed time and go home. 

We watched Sing, had popcorn and sang. My favorite part,  E said “come snuggle with me Auntie J” how could i say no? 

Then it was sleeping bags, “wait, I can’t sleep until I see EJS”, love that! Then zzz. MGS had two in her room and EJS had another two, the siblings split up for the sleepover. Let’s see how much sleep happens! 

Now, that’s the way to party, wouldn’t you say? Just another Saturday at my sister’s house…


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