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{May 15, 2017}   Happy Mother’s Day 

It’s Mother’s Day. Are you a mom?

Did you have to think about that? Moms come in all shapes and sizes. Some are born to do it, some fall into it, some choose to do it and some, surprise! And don’t forget fur baby moms! 

I have children, instant family, I used to say. I became a mom the minute I met my kids. Get this… within a month of becoming a mom, step-mom for anyone who is slightly confused,  my feet grew! What? Yeah half a size! I went from 7.5 to 8! 

I like to joke that I got all of the joys and none of the stretch marks!

I missed the wee stage with diapers and potty training, oh there are stages I am sorry I missed, the first step, the first tooth, but I was there for other firsts and that was fabulous. I watched my kids thrive, shine, blossom, achieve milestones, drive a car, first boyfriend and girlfriend,  get a job,  graduate high school for starters and now, both my kids are successful adults. Both married and my baby had a baby. TYL is a mom! She celebrates her first mother’s day! And oh, does motherhood suit her. Thank you for giving me a beautiful baby boy to love on and be a part of his life. 

I have people in my life who have welcomed me into their lives in a grandmother and auntie role. 

KAB and CS didn’t have to let me in,  but they did and oh do they make my heart soar! Baby A, who’s not a baby anymore, his baby sister EB, LB, my first granddaughter, the first to call me JJ and now her little sister, LS. Watching their moms is amazing, the way they teach their children and help them navigate life, wow. 
My sister, who gave me the most amazing little nieces, I didn’t realize what being an aunt does to you,  it’s a whole different level. What a mom she is, nurturing, teaching, calming, celebrating, thriving,  she amazes me every day. I still remember the day, when I was living with them, sometimes three adults in the house, um, you can imagine…’we got this, you be the cool aunt’. done! Do you know what it means when I hear they won’t go to a movie without Auntie J?! 

My friends who are these amazing mom’s, LBK, her three girls were the first to call me Aunt J, I love when get to spend one-on-one time with them, it’s rare, but wonderful. Bright, goofy, full of life, dramatic, athletic, I can’t wait to see what’s next!  Oh yeah, don’t forget the two fur babies!

SDL, well, you know what I think about her! We still can’t figure out what life was like before Miss A! I’ll never forget the email “Auntie G, do you want to see your niece?” Tried to hold back those waterworks! And Boogie Bear, what a cat!

TS, so much she’s done to have an amazing daughter in her life, KS, bright, funny, caring and now a teacher. Well read, traveled, spoken, that’s almost all to do with TS. She also is amazing for being allergic to cats and had her grand kitty, Molly living with them!

JCT, she’s raising an amazing daughter, SAT, smart, funny, shy, talented and… she just became an aunt to get brother’s new baby! She’s also a fur mom to two goofy pugs.

CWB, friends since middle school! Lost touch, got in touch, lost touch, got in touch. No time had passed and I so love talking to her about her daughter, SB and hearing them interact while we’re on the phone. She is so good, all she’s teaching her daughter about life, compassion, love, caring, giving. Wow!

LGR, we’ve known each other for over twenty years, seen each other go through some stuff and now, to watch her raising her daughter, a bright, precocious, funny, inquisitive little girl and big sister to a fur baby. I love spending time with them! 

KWH, she even posted on Facebook she didn’t think kids were in her future, we went through some similar things as step moms, it was so good to have someone who understood. Now, Baby J is just a love and not a day goes by that KWH isn’t amazed and thankful and joyful.

RJS has two fur babies that I get to spend time with and she officially became a mom and grandmother, when she got married to get long time love a few months ago. 

I’ve also had the honor of being a fur mom to a range of furry babies, even my friends fur babies call me auntie! 

GES and I had an amazing mom and she taught us what it was to be a great mom. Hugs, birthday parties, education, snuggling, loving, caring, generosity, being genuine, living life to the fullest, silliness. I see that and so much more in how I jeep raise my kids, how I interact with my kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, children in general and I see it in my sister the same way with her kids and all the kids that call us auntie. 

There are so many more women in my life who are moms, of two legged, four legged, whatever legged who are amazing and deserve nothing less than amazement and admiration and love. 

What an honor to be a mom, in whatever capacity you are. We are amazing and I love you all for it. 

Happy Mother’s Day. 

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