Peaches Prattlings

{May 14, 2017}   A day at the beach and touching tribute

Today we saw and heard a celebration of a person’s life. 

We were on the beach with friends and there was a collection of tents, as is par for the course on the beach here. They had a lot of people, food and music.  There were also quite a few conch shell blowers. 

As we all listened, this was a celebration for a guy with the same first name as PSM and another guy with out group. We all joked, asking how they felt about the tributes to their lives. 

Then there were several groups who went out on surf boards, paddle boards, canoes, race crews, boats, all going out past the jetty to spread his ashes.

It was a very nice tribute to a man who wss important to a lot of people. The conch shell blowers had different tributes. 

The celebration started before we got there and was going on after we left.  Hawaiians know how to celebrate life.


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