Peaches Prattlings

{May 7, 2017}   Another fabulous day

How many more of these can I take? Um… let’s find out!

Up too early again, watched the sunrise with Mollie from the lanai in the hammock waiting for PSM to get up. Mollie said he really needed the sleep, and I agreed.  Before the hammock time, there’s a walk, medicine and breakfast,  oh, and a snack.

Hung out in the hammock for a while  reading Miss Peregeine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I really liked the movie, so I thought I would try the book, it’s great so far!

After PSM joined us, I made breakfast, should have taken a pic, it was good! Broccoli, pepper and cheese omelet with bagel, English muffin and pancakes.

Then to meet a few families on a local beach that’s pretty much locals only. Two tents, seven chairs, five SU Paddleboards, three coolers, seven adults, five kids, one dog later, we were set. And actually, that set up, aside from the time it takes to get the boards down, maybe 15 minutes. Impressive when everyone works together!

There was playing, splashing, swimming, paddling, talking, laughing, sunning, sleeping. Most of us got on our boards, not all of us made it very far, wink wink. It was choppier than normal and PSM made it around a few times, in and out of the water, I didnt get very far and spent more time in the water holding the board! Even the more experienced boarders had trouble staying upright, some did, very impressive! We decided more practice tomorrow, somewhere calmer.

A great morning/ afternoon. Time too pack it in about 4pm, home for a very quick shower, load the cooler back up and out to a going away party for of of the leads at one of the farms. 

This was at a co-worker’s house. Mostly local folks, it was a great scene and a great time. Lots of good home made foods, ribs, poke, other fishes and meats and dessert, I’m sorry, I was remiss at my food picture taking job! Three tables of local goodness. 

Talk about easy drink and be merry! This was a party for the guy who, during our first tour of the farms when we first came to Hawaii gave me a tour on one of the tractors! We’ll my first and only! He loved it when I told someone “And I think his tractor’s sexy!”

We had a really good time, everyone there was genuine and goofy and really loves PSM, how could I not be so proud of that! I met outgoing and incoming newbies, what a way to get indoctrinated to the culture.

Adults, kids, babies, teenagers, food, stories, cheering, videos, laughter, trying not to cry during speeches, introductions,  families, hugging, eating, drinking.

A really great time, well, a really great day.  Just another day in paradise, right?


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