Peaches Prattlings

{May 6, 2017}   A normal day in paradise

Well, who’s to say what’s normal?

Ok, a perfect day, a working day, in paradise. The way it should be, let’s just say that. 

Got up way too early, only negative, which works out to be a positive, you’ll see why.  Started working about 630am, what else is there to do? Method to the madness. Started working, Mollie will not leave my side when I’m home, very sweet. To the point she won’t get up, out of bed untiI do! So that means no walk, medication or breakfast,  wow. 

About 7am, PSM left, I took a break, took Mollie for a walk, give her her meds, then breakfast, for both of us. During our walk, she decided that spot was perfect to roll around in the grass, she looked so happy!

Back to the house, work until almost two, that’s a full 8 hour day, minus the 15 minutes total I took to make breakfast, lunch and potty breaks. It’s amazing how much more you work when you’re home!

Then I got dressed, dropped the top on the bug, well, let’s face it, the top hasn’t been up on the bug since she got here! Then I headed to meet PSM on the North Shore for some Stand Up Paddleboarding [SUP]! 

It was great! He had the boards strapped to the roof of the truck, got him some street cred, that did! We parked at Haleiwa Monument, unloaded, put the boards in the water and we were off. It was slightly choppy at first, ocean does that you know. We paddled to an inlet that was smooth, only fell in once before getting to the inlet, felt nice and cool, and salty…

The inlet was great practice because it’s smooth and calm. We saw turtles, manta rays and flying fish, it was awesome! Also meet two couples from Breckenridge, CO, very cool. 

Only bad part was PSM taking one for the team when he found out the rocks would be too rocky and we turned around. 

It was peaceful going back, got out of the inlet and it was a little choppy again, but that’s what we need to practice! I even found out there are inflatable stand up paddle boards, which would be perfect for me to take in my car! [I haven’t found a way to transport one of ours I  the bug. It would look cool though, standing up in the car!

After we put the boards up, we spent a little time hanging out in the ocean, started talking to a woman with a beautiful weimeramer dog and it turns out she’s a realtor…hmmm wheels are turning…

Standing there talking someone comes up to say hello…DD and her two kids! These are friends we have here, her husband works with PSM. I haven’t seen them in a long time, it was so much fun, big screams and hugs. She took us over to where her visiting family was hanging out and we caught up. 

PSM came over after he put the boards back on the roof, he’s so good! Then it was decided we would join them for dinner at one of the food trucks down the road. Lots of good food, fun, music, screaming and dancing kids. 

Eventually it was time to take off and we went to this place that DD told us about, Snow Factory. It’s icecream, but in a whole new way, a bizarre looking way. It looks like this mound of ribbons of shaved snow and its like eating air. PSM took his first bite and looked around because he thought it had fallen off the fork, nope, it’s line eating air…

They have so many different flavor combinations, too many to list. He had green tea and taro, I had honeydew, one of the three dairy- free flavors. Bizarre experience, but tasty.

Then, back to the house to take care of Mollie and relax. 

Not a bad day, huh? Just another work day in Hawaii…I could get used to this..


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