Peaches Prattlings

{April 27, 2017}   A movie… wahoo…Seriously  AMC?

Another fun evening with DLP.

A movie at our favorite AMC, with the good recliners and decent menu, they have a quinoa burger for me, and it’s not too bad. 

We saw Boss Baby, which was good a second time for me and DLP enjoyed it for the first time. It’s always interesting to see a ‘kids’ movie with another adult, you get a different perspective.  And seeing a movie for the second time is fun when the other person hasn’t seen it yet, you get to see their reaction, to the things you thought were funny.

First, the food took forever to get to us, so AMC did right by us and gave us two free passes to make up for it. Good customer service. 

Next, when the check arrived, they had applied my AMC rewards to the check, something I did not ask them to do. The v frustrating thing is that this is the fourth time this has happened. 

I have the rewards card to build up rewards like free movies and food. During the week, if I’m on a project, I can expense my food at the movies, I don’t need or want to use my rewards, that’s for when I’m home and can get free stuff. 

In the past, I would be asked if I want to apply my rewards. Apparently, it can happen automatically, what? I was told that it can happen, no thank you.  

They did give me the rewards back told me to tell the server not to engage the rewards, we’ll see if that works next time.

Overall, a fun evening, as always. What’s our next adventure?


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