Peaches Prattlings

{April 25, 2017}   A great date!

No, I am not cheating on PSM!

I’ve told you, I have so many fabulous girlfriends that if I ‘played for the other team’ we would be dating! Dinners, movies, theatre, travel!

WIS is great, she keeps looking up vegan places to try and yesterday it was Native Foods, yes! You know how much I love their reuben!

We met at a different location than I go to all the time and…she loved it!! She had the peanut butter parfait and had the same reaction as I did! First, she could not believe it was vegan, then, like me, couldn’t get enough! Almost licking the inside of the cup! Hmmm, sounds familiar!

After dinner, we walked around and ended up at Marshall’s, which was great because, after what happened this weekend, I needed a new laptop bag. 

I ended up with a “grown-up” bag, a tote. It’s nice, there are times when I’m wearing a dress I don’t want to use a backpack and now I have one. Another bag? Don’t tell PSM!  I am glad I had someone to help me, I’m terrible at this sort of thing. 

Overall, a very nice date. What does the next one have in store for us?


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