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{April 19, 2017}   A new vegan restaurant

Tonight I tried a new vegan restaurant and I liked it.

Nothing fancy, nicer than a hole in the wall, but about that size. Thank goodness I have friends who are happy to try vegan places with me! I feel bad that sometimes people have to accomdate me and my food needs when we go out, but it’s great that they want to try! 

I asked WIS last night if she was ok just eating vegan when we go out and she said yes, especially since she ate meat over the weekend, lunch, etc.  Well, I do appreciate it, even better when they suggest it! She sends me ideas and DLP does to! She asks me to go to Kitchen 17 for vegan deep dish! Do I love that? You bet your sweet bippy!

Loving Heart had a limited menu, so that makes it easy, which I like, especially the first time. Wow, overuse of especially? They gave soups, salads, burgers, wraps and bowls, appetizers and something sweet. Now, that sounds like a lot, but it’s only about 2-3 things in each category and some of the items are the same base and then build from there. 

We got a ”share”, their nachos which didn’t have any cheese, but two different hummus, one cashew based, the other containing cashew, wow! 

We both had bowls, you pick the bowl, then your base and protein. WIS had the Ever Young Bowl, a bestseller, it says so on the menu! It had green ginger pesto and she had Korean wheat somen noodles with her protein being garbanzo and black beans. I had the Curry Bowl, another bestseller,  with the Korean wheat somen noodles and Korean bbq, it was a vegetable protein, looked like meat and tasted great!

It was a nice and cozy place, limited seating and the funniest thing…in the bathroom a sign saying if you’re caught using any drugs, they would call the police and you would be banned from the restaurant, they don’t mess around!

I would definitely recommend The Loving Heart, whole heartedly!


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