Peaches Prattlings

{April 14, 2017}   Movie, dinner, dancing, oh my!

Today was quite the day!

Good Friday so the girls had a school-free day, beginning of Spring break. What did that mean? A date with auntie!

I got up, we got dressed and went out for breakfast, then back to the house and I got some work done and then it was on! We headed to the movie theater to see Boss Baby, we really liked it. 

Then a little shopping, we got sunglasses and matching necklaces and then lunch at PF Chang’s, we don’t mess around. It was such a great afternoon!

Then it was off to ACS’ office to drop the girls off then I headed to K&DN’s house for dinner. And after dinner, DTN and I went contra dancing. I know, what?

Contra dancing was interesting, it’s like square dancing, folk, lots of spinning, swinging, do-si- dos, switching partners. 

I loved the outfits and the different footwear. And there were no age limits or one group, there were high school, college kids all the way to much older! On the dance floor, no ages pairing off, you dance with everyone!

Everyone was very nice and patient, guiding me, apparently this is one of the better groups to be a newbie with. DTN made sure I had good partners to dance with and I was asked to dance each dance, very inviting. I would definitely do it again!

A pretty good Friday, wouldn’t you say?

What does tomorrow hold?


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