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{April 9, 2017}   She’s seven! A day with Miss A and a day for Miss A

Can you believe it! Today Miss A turned seven! 

Where did the time go? Seriously! It was just yesterday SDL and I were talking about the adoption process, all the forms, procedures, etc and the next thing we knew, there was this fabulous bundle in our lives! I remember asking SDL a few times what our lives were like before Miss A was in it, couldn’t tell you. 

What a precocious, smart, sassy, funny, silly little girl she is. Not so little, she’s seven and I get to celebrate with her! I made the same promise to Miss A that I did when EJS and MGS were born, I would be there every year for her birthday, either on her birthday or birthday dinner and I haven’t broken that promise and I don’t intend to start any time soon! 

Saturday was riding lessons, helmet accented with a birthday tiara, of course! Then breakfast at Waffle House, a trip to Inman Park to see all the people walking around and meet lots of fury kids, especially puppies, most under 8 months old, love! And did they love Miss A!

We drove around Atlanta a bit and then it was time to go home, dinner, bath and bed or more fool auntie G into thinking you’re going to sleep, at least three times! 

This morning was a bit of a sleep in, breakfast, then we got dressed and headed to meet CKM at the Grant Park Farmers Market. We walked around, looked at all the good stuff that was there and then lunch. 
After lunch, since we were there, Miss A and I went to see lions and tigers and bears, oh my! And snakes and frogs and turtles and monkeys and apes and pandas and birds and flamingos and… And… so much fun to share that together. 

Then it was time to meet mommy, otherwise known as SDL, and CKM at the Cheesecake Factory for a birthday celebration and what a celebration it was! This included a quick change in the parking lot into her fabulous birthday party dress, a little pink velvet number. 

After dinner it was presents and then off into the wild blue yonder for bath and bed, oh, picking tomorrow’s fabulous outfit for celebrating her birthday in school. It starts with CKM’s present, an awesome tutu with pom-poms and happy birthdays in it! 

I leave very early tomorrow morning so I got in as many giggles, hugs and kisses to last me until next time. 

Happy happy seventh birthday Miss A! I love you!

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