Peaches Prattlings

{April 4, 2017}   A great evening

I went to dinner with some friends from work and yum!!

We tried to go to The Girl and The Goat, but they were a little wonky when we tried to up the reservation from two to three or four we moved it to The Little Goat, works for me!

We got our table right away and settled in to catch up and order, we were hungry! DS ordered a fabulous looking grilled chicken sandwich accented with plantains, DLP had shrimp with grits, you go with that southern dish! PB had the fried chicken platter and I had avocado toast,  y u m! After dinner there was a French silk pie, sounds like a good way to end the meal. 

Ooh, PB? I’m J..oh no! c’mon…PB&J! Muwahaha!

A vegan and gluten free menu is available, even vegan desserts, sounds good too me!


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