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{March 22, 2017}   Double digits?? A TEN year old?

March 21st is one of my most favorite days of the year.  Wanna know why? 

It’s EJS’ birthday! This year… she’s TEN! 

What? Think I think it’s crazy? How do you think her parents feel! 

I remember the day my sister told me she was pregnant, oh man! I remember asking if I could get the Halloween costume, “yup, because if you don’t, it might not happen!” And that is what started my quest of all the Halloween costumes, did I love that? You bet!

This weekend was EJS’ birthday party and it was ‘Cupcake Wars’. She doesn’t even like cupcakes, but loves baking and baking shows and watching baking competitions. 

There were three teams set up with four girls on each team. MGS was on my team, EJS floated from team to team each round. The aunties, AS, BS and myself all had a team to work with. Dad, ACS and his brother, JS, were judges. 

The cupcakes had been made prior to the party, there seemed to be about 100! There were vanilla, red velvet, chocolate and fun-fetti. 

Each round had different themes. The first was to make frosting and the judges had to decide based on the icing and pairing with the cupcake. 

The next round was Spring and the judging was presentation, pairing and taste. The final round was in honor of EJS and strictly based on presentation. 

Each team won a round. Any guesses which my team designed for final presentation? I do live on an island…

I can’t wait to find out what next year’s theme will be!
The girls eventually left and four came back and we all went to see Beauty & The Beast, loved it! 

When a preview for Despicable Me 3 came on, EJS turned around to look at me to promise we would go together, MGS said the same thing when we were leaving the theatre. How much do I love that! Back to the house for dinner, two girls left and two spent the night. I’d say that was an awesome birthday celebration!

I talked to EJS tonight and I asked her how it felt to be double digits. Her answer, “Fun”, what a great answer!

What an amazing person my niece is! She’s smart, funny, silly, witty, clever, independent, fierce, caring, oh, I could go on, but you might think I’m biased…

It’s been such a treat to watch her grow up into this fabulous human being. She’s a special daughter, great big sister, fun granddaughter, fantastic friend and of course, awesome niece. I love when I first see her after being gone, the look on her face and then the hug, love. 

I made a promise to her when she was born, I would be there for her birthday or birthday party and it’s not one I plan to ever break. How could I?! This is such an amazing kid!

Happy happy birthday EJS! I love you!!!


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