Peaches Prattlings

{March 13, 2017}    What a weekend!

Paddle boarding, swap meet, visits, oh my!

You know my weekends are not sit around and do nothing, right? This was no different!

Friday was my second travel day, made it home, very exciting, laundry, straighten up, get ready for visitors, weehoo! Well, there was the dinner date with my honey, that was a Wahoo! We went for pho and then dessert a few doors down, closed them both! 

Saturday morning cane early, with an alarm, boo. But… for a good reason! Something we have been talking about for a while and I surprised PSM with SUP lessons,  Stand Up Paddle board lessons! The funny part…I ruined his surprise! He got us lessons as well, just hasn’t booked them yet! Sorry!

We headed into Honolulu to Ala Moana Beach to meet our awesome instructor Eva. We had a fifteen/ twenty minute lesson on the beach and a half wall, some stuff stuck, the rest came back when we went into the water. 

It took a second, but we mastered it! Not experts ready to try out for the x-games, but we got the hang of it, enough that we went out and purchased a set of paddle boards for each of us! I think we’ll be doing this together every weekend I’m home and I think PSM will be spending some weekends practicing and leaving me in his wake! I’m hoping to find dime places i can do it on the mainland!

We had so much fun on the water, practicing falling, getting back on the board, turning, seeing sea turtles, they came by, stuck their heads up, said hi and then left, it was great! Some of them were huge!

After our fabulous experience, we were hungry! Off to a new place for breakfast, Egghead Cafe, really good breakfast. I had an avo-corn and egg sandwich with garlic aioli, yum! PSM had a pancake bacon,egg and cheese sandwich, he said yum. We shared the three pancake sampler, there were bananas, macadamia nuts, green tea, ice cream, red beans, so much…yum!

We then left to do some research into buying stand up paddle boards, went to a few places, left to do some thinking and went to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, 
This is an Oahu staple, three days a week its where you can find everything from trash to treasure. We bought Hydro Flasks, they keep your drinks hot or cold for hours, even days. I wouldn’t have believed it if i hadn’t tried it! Love! 

Annie got an upgrad on her seat covers, these actually stay on because there is a separate head rest covert, who knew! PSM got some for his truck too. The best part, water resistant!

After the swap meat, we made a decision…Blue Planet,, to buy our stand up paddle boards. We got boards, fins and leashes, it was a great package and they’re good boards. Because we bought two, we got tape they put on that will help protect the edge from the paddle, they ever threw in company logo stickers for the boards, looks awesome! 

John was a great salesperson and help with installing the stickers, tape and helped PSM strap the boards to the roof. 

We went home and got some dinner, tonight was Raman at one of our favorite places, shower, turn around and head back to the airport to pick up PSM’s aunt and uncle coming for a visit. 

We got back to the house, visited for a bit, then bed, it was almost 1130 by now!

Woke up this morning, went to one of out favorite breakfast places, My Cafe, induced the family to malasada pancakes! Y U M!

Back to the house to pack and they headed to the airport to go to Kuai for the week, I was bummed not to be able to join them.. next time. I headed out to Honolulu to see TS!!! She was in Hawaii for the week with her daughter,KS and friend, M. How fabulous! We had lunch, caught up and they told me all about their fabulous time in Oahu and Maui, great trip! So great to see them!!!

I saw them off to the airport, went to the beach for a few hours and found my way home, without gps! 

Then it was hanging out with Mollie, we’re talking about going to the beach in the morning for a few hours before I have to leave for Chicago. 

Another fabulous weekend at home, too short, but fabulous! Can’t wait for the next one… next month!  


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