Peaches Prattlings

{March 8, 2017}   Uncommon Grounds

A new restaurant, for me. 

Tonight WIS and I went to dinner at a place called Uncommon Ground,  a farm to table restaurant. Fabulous!

It’s a warm and inviting place with wooden tables, benches and chairs, warm lighting, decent music and a good atmosphere. Next door they have live music a few nights a week. 

Ok, I cheated and I payed for it…our appetizer was artichoke and goat cheese pesto, served with crispy toast points, oh my word! Remember, I gave up dairy because it makes me ill, so if I eat it, it’s on me. Was it worth it? Tonight, yes! 

Main dish, I had butternut squash risotto with drunk [rum soaked] raisins. I enjoyed this immensely! WIS had lavender honey chicken, looked great. 

It’s a great place that doesn’t pressure you into ordering, leaving because you’ve been there too long.  The staff is attentive, but not pushy or at your table every five minutes. 

A definite plus and try again. Happy vegan!


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