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{March 3, 2017}   Reza’s… another great new restaurant!

Well, new to me anyway. 

I met with WIS, a friend I met on this project in Chicago,  at Reza’s, a really good Mediteran and Persian restaurant in the Andersonville neighborhood.

It was a nice, open space with an enclosed patio that doubles as more restaurant space. If you go while it’s cold, be aware that you have to go through this patio to get to the restrooms,  which were equally freezing!

The space was nice and welcoming with brick walls and original artwork.  Next time I’ll take pictures of the pictures. The menu was very vegan friendly, lots of great appetizers, which were also on one of the vegetarian plates, we were sold!

We asked the waiter if he thought it would be too much food… no, I have many customers who order those two dishes. Sure… only 2 people?! We each had lentil soup,  which was great, it could have used a little something to thicken it up, but very tasty. 

Then we got our fatoush salad, one of my favorites, but this could have been a main meal! It was delicious, so happy about that. I say that because there are places that just don’t know how to make it… and it’s not that complicated! No, I haven’t made it, I found others who do it so well! Ha ha

Then we ordered a plate that had five appetizers, hummus, banaganoush, falafel with pomegranate remoulade, Persian salad and eggplant steak, wow!

The other plate was called Vegetarian Feast and oh my! Cous-cous with eggplant, zucchini, roasted peppers, tomatoes, topped with almonds, raisins and feta. 

I topped it off with hot Persian tea and we were set! 

This is a great restaurant with a nice ambiance, I recommend it. And the price is right too! And guess who has lunch for tomorrow!


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