Peaches Prattlings

{February 27, 2017}   What a weekend!

This weekend was great!

I flew to Denver Friday evening and checked into the only hotel I’ve stayed in since I moved from Denver. It’s a nice Homewood Suites in the center of the city with easy access to restaurants, nightlife, museums, the highways to get to the mountains and anywhere else you want to go. 

I got to the hotel,  had to get some work done and eventually got some sleep. I set the alarm, but that snooze button is too tempting. The phone woke me up, oops. I got up and headed to the airport because I was picking up my honey!!! 

PSM is going to a meeting in Iowa this coming week and needed a place for a layover and Denver was one of those options and decided to make it a weekend, so here we are! Together!

We went back to the hotel and met his mom’s cousin and her husband for breakfast, a very nice couple who have lived in Denver for over thirty years. We had a really nice time getting to know each other,  hearing stories about PSM’s family and PSM as a little kid. 

After breakfast, it was time for a little break and some rest, after a bit PSM got up and prepped for his presentation next week. 

Later we headed out into the city and ended up at a Machete for dinner, PSM was craving what we can’t really get in Hawaii, Mexican food. It was a noisy, energetic, eclectic restaurant with an impressive list of tequilas, someone was happy!

We were meeting APM, someone I’ve been friends with since high school, we met in youth group. Thursday and now Saturday, friends from youth group, fabulous! I also found out that his middle name is PSM’s first make, go figure! 

After dinner we walked around, got some coffee and tea for a minute then wentb to another bar to hang out a bit longer, then on to the hotel and closing the blackout curtains, we were sleeping in!

Sunday brought a sleep in, brunch, a little more practice and then a tour of Boulder. It was nice to be in a place that I love together.

Then off to the airport, our flights were ably the same time, he walked me to my gate, we got to spend a little more time together and we realized that this would be a good place to meet for a weekend, easy for us both to get to,  sweet!

Then I was off to Chicago and PSM is off to Iowa. I’ll be in Hawaii in a few weeks to see him again and we have a plan for my April trip! Wahoo!

Have a great night!


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