Peaches Prattlings

{February 23, 2017}   A sweet celebration! 

Happy birthday DLP! Let’s celebrate! 

Today is DLP’s birthday, and she was feeling better so celebrate we did! [She has had what a lot if people are going thru this season].

I am staying at a Doubletree hotel and if you know Doubletree, you know they’re famous for their chocolate cookies, so on my way into the office, I had to get some for my friend! I left them on her desk and went to teach. 

After work a select few of us, well, we were hand picked and selected of course! We went to a restaurant that opened in Chicago a few weekends ago,  The Sugar Factory. 

The Sugar Factory is a candy store with an elegant restaurant attached. They have drinks that smoke and filled with candy treats, drinks that taste like candy and  desserts that sparkle!

We had good food, good conversation and a celebration for a great friend. A great evening!


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