Peaches Prattlings

{February 4, 2017}   A house divided

Falcons vs Patriots. The showdown is coming. 

I’m from NYC originally and a NY Giants fan. I’m in a relationship with a man from New England who is a die hard NE Patriots fan. It’s a “mixed marriage” for sure. [NY Yankees/Boston Red Sox]. Living in Colorado I grew an affection for the Denver Broncos, still on opposite sides. And here we are at the Superbowl! Remember where I lived for 20 years? 

Now…I don’t know if you remember, I’m not a football fan, but I enjoy when someone takes me to a game in person. The sites, smells, food, excitement, the energy, it’s so much more. I still don’t always know what’s going on, but I don’t care, I love the current in the air. 

Here we come to Superbowl Sunday, which is tomorrow. And it’s a good thing I’m not at home this weekend, it might have been tough…PSM is rooting for The Pats and I’m rooting for the Falcons.  I’ll be honest, I lived in Georgia for twenty years and didn’t get that into the Falcons, but I’m a feeling the need to ‘Rise Up’ with Atlanta. It’s been 51 years since they’ve been to the Superbowl and I’m feeling a very red and black swell off emotion. [Do you remember when I became a Cubs fan the week of the World Series?]

If the Falcons win, wahoo! I know I’ll hear the uproar from Georgia where I am and I’ll whoop and holler. If the Pats win,  I’ll call PSM and congratulate him and show my “Patriot-ism” [I said that to him a few months ago and couldn’t stop laughing! Isn’t that fabulous!]

Good luck to both teams, I know what is going to be like in PSM’s house, my house and all our friends in New England and I love all of them and I hope that they will understand when I say “Rise Up Atlanta!  Go Falcons!]”


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