Peaches Prattlings

{January 21, 2017}   Good morning auntie….Sing! 

What happens when I go to Boston? Pure joy! 

I got in very late last night, my apologies for not writing, I hope I make up for it now.  

I got my few hours of sleep and I hear “good morning auntie! We’re going to the movies and we’re leaving now!” Huh?

I got some very quick snuggles, giggles and hugs, run up to take a shower while EJS and MGS got dressed and brushed their teeth. As I was waiting for them to get ready, apparently I can shower faster than they can brush their teeth and get dressed, go figure, my sister, GES, told me that they refused to go without me, since we had promised to see it together, how awesome did that feel! 

We got to the movie theatre, popcorn and drinks set and away we went. On the way they were very curious about my driving record, huh? Well, there were parts in the movie someone was speeding and I pointed out that I did not drive like that! 

Then there were previews and previews and more previews and “does that mean that’s the same dog over and over?” Among other questions. We also saw previews and made future movie dates, like Despicable Me 3! And finally… movie. 

The movie was great! It opened with a Beatles song, so immediately I approved! It was about ‘real people’ but all portrayed by animals. What I mean by real people…gangsters, moms, dads, shy kids, proud parents, overworked whatevers, bankers, folks flush and down on their luck. 

Buster Moon is a koala who owns an iconoc theatre that was something special in its heyday. Now, the theater needs love, he’s behind on his loans and bills, you get the idea. 

He is on his last dime and comes up with an idea…a singing contest. From there it was funny, silly, touching, beautiful, inspiring…so much talent to behold and what a soundtrack! 

And of course, there was a message…what good kids movie doesn’t have a message? You have to have faith and believe in yourself. Take a chance, you never know what you can do until you try. Let me think, I can probably come up with a few more.  

Oh my, but the music was fantastic! I think I knew all but one song. We danced in our seats, ok, I danced in my seat and shook the girls shoulders until they danced with me. It was cute when a scene came on that they knew from the previews and commercials and they said “oh,I know this!”

It was a great movie, the girls and I had a blast and on the way home I played some of the music. The best was when I played them Big Butts by Sir Humpty! In the movie, you’ve probably seen this in the previews, three bunnies say the opening line “Oh my gawd, did you see her butt!” They thought it was a very goofy song, good thing they didn’t really listen to the lyrics! 

A perfect way to start the weekend! Can’t wait for the next one! 


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