Peaches Prattlings

{December 27, 2016}   Travel on the day after Christmas…hmmm…

415 wakeup, what were we thinking. Well, we wanted to get home today…and we did…eventually. 

I hate to say it, I had an easier time than PSM, I got very lucky. My flight was at 730am, ended up being delayed about 30 minutes, we were waiting on a flight coming in. It was one of the easiest times getting through Atlanta security, crazy! 

My flight Atlanta to LA was fine, aside from the whining dog in front of me, I would say whined most of the 4+ hour flight,  joy, thank goodness for headphones. The dog behind me, not a peep, thankfully. Then there was the teeny woman from Guatemala who kept asking me questions about the flight. She was looking at the tracker on the screen in front of her, changed the language to Spanish, I knew she could read, had the distance and time there, but asked anyway. It was fine, she was very sweet and it got me to practice my limited Spanish skills.

I get to LA a few minutes early, go on search of food. Not one item that I could get to take with me was vegan friendly! The salads that were coming out eventually, it was only 945am when we got in,  might be vegan, great. 

I got on my next flight, I sat in the exit row with no seat in front of me, which is nice for the leg room. The guy in front to the left was very sweet and found movies for me to watch on the screen, my arms aren’t that long. Shortly, he was off the hook, I found the controls on my seat. 

I bought a snack, so that helped my head and my stomach, I watched free movies, nice and probably dozed for about 20 minutes. 

I used a few of my birthday and Christmas/Chanukah presents on my flight, fabulous! The wrap I got was the perfect blanket! The lunching kept some snacks cool and my feet were warm from my new socks, score! 

I landed, collected my things, identified my bag by the new bag strap! Found the car where PSM had left it, dropped the top and headed home. Someone was very happy to see me! I’ve never seen Mollie that exited! She ran around in circles and barked! 

Then it was the business of unpacking, I did get a little bored and took a break, poor PSM came home to a slight explosion on the table but he was warned! 

PSM had a harder time, he was on 2 connecting flights, both of which were delayed. I finally picked him up about 10pm, after about 19 hours of flying, not a fun experience, I can vouch for that! 

But now, we’re both home, settled in and we’re going to crash. The windows are open, there’s a chill in the air…goodnight! 


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