Peaches Prattlings

{December 15, 2016}   Has it really been 11 years? 

Eleven years ago today, my mom’s mom passed.

She was 95 and it was a little over six months after my mom passed. She was an amazing woman, politically active, she worked the voting polls for as long as I can remember, she was a familiar face and a staple in her district.

She was a great grandmother, we would have so much fun when I would stay with her. We would cook, play games, watch tv,I think I was with her when JR got shot and probably when we found out who shot JR! She taught me to play poker and gin, we’d stay up all hours playing, a hard woman to beat. 

She took me to plays and musicals, every year she took me to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, at 75 she was riding the log floom at Coney Island!

She was an amazing cook. She could cool Jewish food like no one else, just don’t ask her to cook “American” food! No one could beat her blintzes, mom and I loved them frozen, oh my! 

She loved her family, would bend over backwards to help a friend. She was also stubborn like, obstinate, stick to your guns and MGS, isn’t just her namesake in name only. 

MGS is a fabulous little human being and there are moments when she stands her ground, refuses to take no for an answer, shows her smarts, says something funny, I see Grandma M. 

Thinking about you Grandma M, missing and loving you. 

December 15,2016


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