Peaches Prattlings

{December 12, 2016}   Made it without a hitch…


I believe I mentioned the other day that my flights were rescheduled due to the 1500 flights being canceled into and out of Chicago. 

I got up about 530 this morning, the newscasters said the traffic would be horrible so leave in plenty of time.  I got up, several inches of snow covered the car and guess what the car didn’t have…and ice scraper. Who rents a car in Boston in winter with no ice scraper! Luckily, no ice, just snow and I have sleeves! 

I got on the road, the highway was clear and I made it in about 45 minutes,  a few minutes more than no snow days. Turned in the car and was at the gate with lots of time to spare.

I went from a non-stop Boston to Chicago to Boston to Washington, DC, DC to Chicago. Originally getting in at 938am to leaving at 930am and arriving 130pm, getting to the office about 3pm. A slight change in plans. 

The important thing is…I made it to the office, worked a few hours, then drove to the hotel where I’m staying this week. 

This place is ready for Christmas, I’ll post pics tomorrow. I am in my hotel, had food delivered, in my jammies, snuggled under the covers, it’s cold out there! watching movies, I’m set! 

Have a great night! 

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