Peaches Prattlings

{December 11, 2016}   Another crazy, fabulous weekend with my family

Actually it was pretty low key…nice. 

I got to my sister’s somewhere between 130 and 2am on Friday. GES was the only one home when I woke up. We spent some quality time together.

Eventually, everyone was home and we took the girls with us to get some holiday shopping done. Then it was auntie-niece time while mom and dad went out. We had dinner, talked, watched movies and then night-night, no fighting, just brushing teeth, potty, lights out.
Today was more of the same, well, GES and I got to go run errands and shop for a few hours, just the sisters getting to catch up without interruption, we had a great time. 

Dinner with the family, wrap gifts, pack my bags, way too many to take with me, but I have lots of presents to deliver in Atlanta!

Now, the big question…will I get out of Boston tomorrow? It’s snowing in Chicago, 1500 flights have been canceled so far. My flights have been rescheduled by United. It started snowing here about two hours ago. If I wasn’t teaching on Tuesday, I wouldn’t be as concerned about getting to Chicago. 

Send good vibes please. 


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