Peaches Prattlings

{December 9, 2016}   What a nice guy

At the airport, I met a nice guy. 

I got a drink from Starbucks, went to my gate, sat down and after a few sips put the drink down and apparently the floor was thirsty…

I asked the guy next to me if he could watch my bag for a moment while I get another drink, he looked at me and then said yes. 

As I was standing at the counter waiting for my drink, he came over to tell me that the flight was boarding,  omg! He also brought my bag to me! I felt terrible! I offered to by him a drink, he declined. What a nice guy. 

I got my drink, boarded the plane and I found my seat, guess who was in the seat next to mine?! 

We spent the flight talking and he’s just as nice in person, so to speak.

There are nice people out there, being nice just for the sake of being nice. Sigh…


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