Peaches Prattlings

{December 5, 2016}   I’m done traveling…

For a few days! 

With all the delays and layovers, I was on the road/in the air, so to speak for about 26 hours. I left my house in Hawaii at 2pm and I checked into my hotel about 430pm.

I’d say that is enough for one day!

I’m staying at the Hilton St Louis Downtown at the Arch, it looks like the lobby is a converted bank and my room is very nice with a cool sitting area. 

I’m checked in, got a some work done, prepped for tomorrow, got some decent food across the street from the hotel, I’m in my jammies and hoping to see the backs of my eyelids by 10pm.

Tomorrow is a new day and I only have to travel 8 minutes to my training site, I’m good with that! 

Happy Monday! 


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