Peaches Prattlings

{December 4, 2016}   The joys of winter travel for work

Left Hawaii…no problem. Arrive LAX… problem.

I liked Hawaiian Airlines, it was decent, food was ok, no free entertainment, oh well, but uneventful. 

I land at LAX, looking for flight information, looking for flight information, looking for flight information. Finally…United updates, flight from LAX to Chicago cancelled. Weather…snow in Illinois. 

They did rebook me LAX to Houston, Houston to Chicago, ok. Only problem is that I get in to Chicago at 1130am, my next flight to St Louis leaves at 930am, um…

I called United, waited 30 minutes on hold, talked to a very snippy woman, oh goody. I need to rebook my flight to St Louis. Ok, there is a flight that leaves at 1215pm. Well, I don’t think it will give me enough time to get my bag from baggage claim and check it in. Well didn’t you tell the agent when you checked in for the first flight about your final flight? No, actually, I didn’t and I didn’t know you could do that. Yes you can,  well that would be a good thing to know…

Ok,  I’m booked, now I just have to get to the other terminal, is easy, just a straight shot across the parking deck. Um, not really. Through the parking deck, left, right at the stop sign, cross the road, go left, back through security, sorry, TSA pre-check is closed for the night, take everything out, but leave your shoes on. 

So…here I am at LAX about to board a flight to Houston, then 2 hours later to Chicago. Get to Chicago, leave the terminal, go to baggage claim, get my bag and check it through to St Louis. If it wasn’t a 5 hour drive to St Louis, I might have done it. 

Fingers crossed I make it all the way through… as long as I get there and I can teach on Tuesday, I’m golden. 

Bonus…this gets me more United segments…I promoted to Premium Silver on United,  gotta catch up to my beau…he just made Gold with United! He’s starting to get spoiled…go PSM!


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