Peaches Prattlings

{December 2, 2016}   Teen love

Did you fall in love as a teenager? Wasn’t that the best!

You felt like you were flying, invincible, like no one had ever felt that way before. Especially the first time. But, of course, if you’re a typical teenager, it happens more than once…and it’s forever…every time!

I’m not saying that can’t and doesn’t happen as we get older, but you never really have that wide-eyed innocence of falling and being in love, do you? 

Oh, is heartbreak any different, depending on our age? I think so, but that first one, the world was going to end and you thought ‘I’ll never fall in love’ there’s nothing more for me, but ah, youth, wait five minutes…’Bobby who?’

Sigh…to be a teenager in love…they wrote songs about it, you know…


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