Peaches Prattlings

{November 29, 2016}   Wait! That is not a pocket!

I love my winter coat, sadly it might be time for a new one. 

It’s a long, well, knee-length for me, off-white and quilted. I got it from Eddie Bauer two winters ago after seeing The Nutcracker with the family. 

It’s been a great coat for the winters in Boston, Buffalo and now Chicago, not to mention on our trip this month in Iceland, Denmark and Sweden! It’s warm, comfy-cozy and since it’s a down coat, I can use it almost like a blanket. 

Sometime in the last year it developed a few small holes at the bottom, it looks like it sat against something hot and burned the holes in it. Now there are feathers coming out of it! When I sit down, feathers come flying out! I leave them everywhere!

Today, DLP and I went for a much needed mani-pedi, when I put my coat on and put my hand in my pocket, looking for something, I realized I was putting my hand through a hole in the seem of my coat, just below the pocket, what?

My exact words were “That’s not a pocket!” 

Yeah, that’s about it, not a page turner of a post, just wondering where my new’pocket’ came from! Let’s go shopping?

I know it’s not white, the colors make me happy. 


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