Peaches Prattlings

{November 6, 2016}   Vacation!!! We’re going to…


I have been promising to tell you where for a few weeks now and now you know!

Iceland has been on our bucket lists for years and last year while we were in Nova Scotia, I asked PSM where he wanted to go for his birthday next year, his answer, without hesitation…Iceland! Done!

The only drawback, since he moved to Hawaii in January, not as easy to get to from Hawaii. We postponed our big trip to the fall, worked it with Thanksgiving, perfect!

We are on WOW Air, $99 one way,  can you beat that?! and as of this moment, we have our flight there and a place to stay for the first two nights. Sounds just like us!
We have a list of suggestions from people, apps download and the travel spirit. What more do we need? Oh, and PSM started with his traditional bloody mary.

The plane is pink and flight attendants match and aren’t the seats inviting? 

Keep watching, you know I’ll be posting every day our adventures! see you in a few hours!!


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