Peaches Prattlings

{November 4, 2016}   Seriously? Oh Delta…

Terrific, now what?

I checked two bags, left Springfield and got on the jet plane. I’ve got two bags again, one for work and one for our trip,  wasn’t sure when I’d get home again. 

When I picked up my bag from the carousel, which changed and no one told us…the zipper was ripped, really? so I call Delta, they send me back into the terminal to the baggage office. 

After a long back and forth, my choices are get it fixed myself and submit the receipt or send my bag in to be repaired, um, what should I use as a bag?

They ended up giving me a bag, I divided my stuff between the two bags and got a label to send the broken bag to UPS.

How/where do I turn the bag back in? I’m here for about 36 hours,  then I fly back to Boston for a few hours then vacation. not coming back here until Christmas. finally said I could drop it off at a Delta counter somewhere. Ok..I wonder how long all this will take.  

At least they’re  doing something about it and not just saying “sorry”.


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