Peaches Prattlings

{November 3, 2016}   O M G… CUBS WIN!!!

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs! 

The steak is over! 108 years since they won the World Series and tonight they did it!

I’m not a sports fan, as you know,  but I have enjoyed going to sporting events. The crowd, the excitement, the energy. when it comes to the championship, I’m all about watching a game or two,  and that’s what I’ve been doing during the World Series, Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland Indians.

It was down to the wire! 3- 0, 6- 3, 6- 6 bottom of the 9th, 10th inning… Cubs pull it out,  8- 6! Cubs win!

It’s fun to be in the city,  let alone state where the team wins the race! Chicago needed this,  one hundred and eight years. 

No words… well,  two words…



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