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{October 30, 2016}   My travel day…good…bad…good…good

Let’s talk about my travel day. Now, technically by the time you get this, it’s Monday, October 31st, but I left Hawaii on Sunday, so here goes. 

I’m home for the weekend,  first time in almost two months. That’s too long! Last night was fun, we went to one of PSM’s co-workers homes for a BBQ with his family and another co-workers family. We had to prove that I wasn’t a figment of his imagination! 

Today, I realized,  it may be another two months before I get home again, although I hope not! That being said… I had to pack for four weeks of work with a two week vacation planned and the holidays with the family back on the mainland. 

Can my clothes overlap? How much should I take for work? for the trip? for the holidays? PSM will take some stuff  back after our trip,  but what will I need for Christmas and Chanukah? Normally, I can pack for work in less than 20 minutes,  this process took over an hour! So not me!

Then we chilled out and then it was time to head to the airport. I think Mollie knew what was up….she followed me around a lot, it was sweet.

Flight was long. Only 7.5 hours, which isn’t that bad, but when you’re in the second seat,  you can’t always get out that easily to walk around or go to the lavatory. I’m glad I remembered to make some sandwiches for the trip, there is nothing for me to eat on these flights and unless you’re in first class,  they don’t feed you. 

The wifi was having issues,  the entertainment was having issues. The good thing…United gave us something for our troubles, 5000 miles or $100, I took the miles. 

Now I’m sitting in the United Sky Lounge, which is nice. Breakfast, drinks, comfortable seats, charging sstation. This is the way to go! I’m glad I have some passes for the lounge, although,  if I spent more time in the airport, meaning time before my flights,  I would consider getting a membership. It’s a nice way to kill a few hours before my next flight.

There was a rainbow as I left Hawaii I thought I would share it with you and the benches are from O’Hare airport, I love walking by and seeing art like this. i hope you enjoy them too.

Can’t wait to see all the Halloween posts later today! boo


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