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{October 30, 2016}   A 3rd birthday and a son’s wedding!

Wow,  Saturday, October 29th is quite the day!

Baby L turns three! can you believe it? we need a better acronym for her! she’ll be 16 and still be baby L! that being said, my fabulous, funny, spirited, precocious, adventurous third grandchild and second granddaughter is THREE today! and what kind of birthday party did she want? A Halloween party! A girl after my own heart!

I sent her first cousin a bubble machine for his birthday and it was a hit! Perfect a bubble maker it is! The cool thing about this one…candy bubbles!! I ordered it in different flavors and per the video on Facebook…. a hit!

Happy happy birthday Baby L, you are fabulous and I love you very much!

The other special thing about today…my son got married! I hope you remember me telling you about reconnecting with him a few weekends ago, well, today, he made a fabulous and special commitment, he got married. He’s been with his, now wife, for about two years, I think. I got to meet her too when I saw WCH, she works with is him at the restaurant. 

I can’t believe it, on his next birthday , in a few weeks, he’s a married man!

One thing I always dreamed about when my kids were little was celebrating with them at their weddings. Now that we’ve reconnected, I’ll dance at their children’s weddings. I am going to rreel in every moment of their lives, support and love them in whatever they do and just bask in their glow.  Isn’t that what a mother does?

What a day! Happy third birthday Baby L and Mazel Tov to my baby boy on this wonderful day.  


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