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{October 28, 2016}   Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

People have started singing that at me!

Do you remember that song and show? She was a detective and you never knew where she was while she was following a lead. It was an educational show,  this piece was teaching you geography and maybe some history. 

The theme song “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” sung by an acapella group.

So…I post when I’m taking a trip, sometimes checking in on Facebook. My friends and family seem to like to know where I am and where I’m going. One or two even said they’re traveling vicariously through me! I’ll take it! 

So…where have I been on this date in history?

October 27, 2012…I completed my first half marathon! How many have I done? Sounds like it’s time for another! The last one was almost a year ago! Who’s with me?

October 27, 2015…PSM and I took a cooking class in Barcelona! We cooked that amazing paella!! [And I ate every bit of it, seafood and all!] And learned how to make tapas and sangria! We need to do that again! But where? Hmmm…

And today…October 27, 2016…I’m flying home,  for the first time since I moved to Hawaii! Very long overdue! Let’s hope the trips home are not so few and far between. I have a feeling PSM would agree with me. 

So…where will I be October 27, 2017? We’ll have to wait and see!


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