Peaches Prattlings

{October 25, 2016}   Could you please move?

Here’s a question I pose to you. 

If someone needs to reach in front of you,  would you step back? Even an inch?

I’m in a hotel that requires you to use your room key for the sensor to then press the button for your floor, this is for going up or down. This hotel also has the digital keys,  I can use the app on my phone to access the key. 

I got on the elevator this morning to head into the office. There was a woman already on the elevator,  standing pretty close to the sensor. I reached over in front of her, said exuse me and held my phone in front of the sensor. Now, it can take a few seconds for the key to register and it was.  This woman did not take even a half step back. I could have touched her if I sneezed. And she stood there the entire time…it probably took my phone/the app a good 10 seconds to register where I was and unlock the sensor. There was zero personal space happening. 

Would you have moved? 


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