Peaches Prattlings

{October 15, 2016}   Welcome to Chicago pop!

Guess who came to see me in Chicago for the weekend?! One guess.. 

I went into the office for a few hours and when dad got here, he let me know when he was near the hotel, I left to meet him. A great reunion! 

Bags dropped in the room,  chill for a minute,  then hit the streets. Lunch was the first order of business, lots of catching up to do! Oh, first,  we stopped at the theater down the street to see if they had any tickets for a big Broadway show,  they did! Guess what we’re going to see!! Nope,  I’ll let you guess until tomorrow, when I tell you! 

We turned around and to the Art Institute of Chicago we went,  we had about 1.5 hours before it closed,  so we did a drive or walk-by of the contemporary, new contemporary and impressionists. We had a great time, discussing,  questioning and laughing. 

This one I call “what’s taters precious?”. Some of you will get this…

Next, The Bean, how do you explain The Bean, no explanation,  just go see it. Isn’t it fabulous?
Walk down Magnificent Mile, admiring, talking, catching up. Then to Navy Pier for a quick peek,  walk down to the end of the pier. 

Then…Lou Malnatis for a Chicago must… deep dish pizza! And yes folks, I shared with dad and lived to tell about it!

A nice walk back to the hotel,  talked for a long time and now,  talking to you. 
Tomorrow… phone,  then… then…


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